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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Complex Scaffolding is a Luton-based firm that has over 25 years of scaffolding hire experience. In that time, we’ve maintained an excellent safety record. We put this down to our stringent Health and Safety approach. Scaffolding companies like ours are governed by industry guidelines which tell us the best way to operate. We adhere to each measure carefully for the welfare of our valued clients.

Here, we explain the safety-focused approach of our scaffolding erectors in more detail. Our outlook has seen us win contracts with some of the North London’s top construction companies, as well as our many satisfied domestic clients in the area.

Looking Ahead

Before any of our scaffolding erectors leave the yard, they make sure that all necessary scaffolding hire equipment is loaded onto the truck. As other scaffolding companies in North London have found out to their cost, turning up onsite without the correct poles and clips is unprofessional and potentially unsafe. Poor planning can put fellow scaffolding erectors or contractors at risk if the tower has started to go up but there’s not enough equipment to complete the job safely.

Site Preparation

Before we start to put scaffolding hire equipment together, we make sure the ground is able to take the weight of the tower. If we feel that the surface is too wet, or the weather could cause scaffolding safety to be an issue, we will take the correct steps to ensure safety at all times by working around those issues accordingly.

Safety First

When working on site, safety comes first and this is always a number one priority in our book. Scaffolding companies should always take this approach but with Complex, safety is guaranteed. We know that a safe construction protects everyone, from our own scaffolding erectors to the contractors who will be working on it.

Safe Equipment

Items like boards make a scaffolding tower safe and easy to use. Tightly-fitted battens are essential so that nothing can be dropped onto a lower level to cause potential harm or damage. If we do find boards that are damaged or starting to show signs of wear on a project, we throw them out immediately for recycling.

Final Checks

We always inspect the scaffolding hire construction before use. All scaffolding companies should take these steps and we believe that it’s of the highest importance that our scaffolding erectors carry out a complete safety inspection before signing off the job. All tubes, pins, boards, poles and clasps are inspected before we load the truck in advance of a job. We work closely with site or project managers to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our scaffolding before moving on to the next job.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of Complex Scaffolding Ltd to manage its activities without causing injury, ill health or other unnecessary and unacceptable risks, to the health, safety and welfare of its employees/sub-contract operatives, customers, members of the public and others who may be affected by its activities; so far as reasonably practicable. It also recognises its responsibility for other persons when they are on our premises.

The Directors of Complex Scaffolding Ltd are committed to ensuring so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all its employees/sub-contract operatives. This commitment extends to the provision of the human and material resources necessary for the proper discharge of its own statutory duties for the proper discharge of the duties and responsibilities of its managers, foremen and workforce in connection with health and safety at work. As well as complying with the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and other Statutory Instruments, the Directors aim is to establish best practice and to use best, established methods of management within our operations as we seek to further develop this through a process of continual improvement.

Each employee/sub-contract operative will be given such information, instruction and training necessary to enable the safe performance of work duties.

Competent people will be appointed to assist us in meeting our statutory duties including, where appropriate specialists from outside the organisation.

The Directors of Complex Scaffolding Ltd expects that all its employees/sub-contract operatives will act in a responsible manner and fully co-operate in the implementation of the Company Safety Policy and in ensuring that safe working is an integral part of each and every task. Each individual has a legal obligation to take reasonable care for his or her own health and safety, and for the safety of other people who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions.

The Directors of the Company undertake to ensure that suitable and sufficient resources - in terms of time, finance and personnel are made available to carry this Policy to full effect

This policy will be regularly monitored, reviewed in the light of legislative or organisational changes and on an annual basis and updated as necessary.

Dated: 31 May 2018

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